The Evaluation of Projects

Teaching and Facilitation

Organisational Development and Support

Project Design and Management


As an independent consultancy in the arts, specializing in the design and management of cultural development projects, project evaluation and training, Cultural Radius is able to offer a range of services, including:

The Evaluation of Projects – this is useful for donors who have been supporting projects and require a summative evaluation that provides a considered and independent assessment of both efficacy and efficiency.   This is also a useful capacity building tool for projects and organizations, who participate in the evaluation processes, and contribute to the final understanding of assessment.  As Nicky has conducted assessments in many countries in Africa, she brings a valuable range of knowledge of similar activities to bear on evaluation procedures. For more information CLICK HERE.

Teaching and Facilitation – teaching of arts administration and arts management at entry level as well as personal leadership and coaching within the cultural sector. This can be at formal institutions (Nicky has taught at various Universities in South African and internationally) or in informal situations, which require specific training techniques, such as rural contexts where the medium of instruction is second or third language.  Arts methodologies of communication and learning are then used, and resource materials specifically developed to ensure local relevance and reference.
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Organisational Development and Support – as organizations in the cultural sector are rising to challenges of corporate governance and increased competition, they may benefit from strategic planning and assistance to ensure organizational systems, processes and resources are properly in place.  This can be done in a series of interventions working with the management team and with specific reference to the needs of the cultural sector.  As most cultural organizations have to exist through having an entrepreneurial aspect, this requires reference to Small, Medium and Micro- Entreprise development; and is vital for the cultural industries. For more information CLICK HERE.

Project Design and Management – development of and through culture can only be successful if the project design is skillful and carefully conceived.  Cultural Radius has an extensive range of experience in all kinds of projects in urban and rural contexts, and specializes in designing projects and programmes that can be clearly monitored and evaluated.  Frequently this means an integration of educational, developmental and economic aims, which deepens impact and also requires a creative but business-like approach. For more information CLICK HERE.

Research – Cultural Radius undertakes all kinds of research projects concerning development in culture, funding trends and analysis, education needs and sectors skills analyses.  All research projects or feasibility studies are customized to fit the precise requirements of the client.  Where necessary, consortiums put together or associate researchers are included, to ensure a requisite range of skills and experience.
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