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Research and Cultural Audits

  • Conducted phase two research for a private South African Foundation on possible scenarios for funding the arts for this private foundation, which included budget options and case study listings of examples. (2009)
  • Created and headed a consortium of African researchers for a feasibility study on the establishment of an African Fund for Arts and Culture, which required reviewing existing funding within Africa and proposing various funding models. (2009).  (The full report is available on
  • Contributed primary research towards the Creative Industries Sector Skills Plan Submission, to the South African Department of Trade and Industry. (2009)
  • Conducted cultural surveys of Malawi and Zambia in order to make recommendations for future cultural support in both countries for Hivos. (2006). Subsequently convened a seminar in Zambia on Artistic Freedom of Expression and Regional Co-operation in Southern Africa, with 24 participants from 7 countries on behalf of Hivos.
  • Developed and implemented a research project to undertake cultural mapping of sites of cultural interest in the UNESCO registered world heritage site of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park (2006 – 2007).  Field work and intergrated research produced material to be used in a cultural tourism project which trained guides and resulted in the publication of a co-authored article with Emma Durden, by Manchester University Press (2009).

Interpreting Msinsi:
Culture, Tourism and Story-telling in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park. 
Performing Heritage: Research, practice and development in museum theatre
and live interpretation
Edited by Anthony Jackson and Jenny Kidd

  • Conducted a cultural audit of major arts and cultural activities currently within Namibia, with proposals for various funding possibilities for Hivos. (2006)
  • Research paper on Cultural Management commissioned by the University of Fort Hare, for the Faculty of African and Democracy Studies, National Heritage and Cultural Studies Centre. Unpublished.  (2004)
  • Wrote a business plan for the establishment of a Craft Emporium in Durban, on behalf of Urban Econ Development Economists, commissioned by the Dept of Economic Development and Tourism of KwaZulu-Natal.  (2002)