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Project Design and Management

Cultural Radius has been involved with designing and implementing various creative projects incorporating arts and culture and international exchange, as well as with providing support to projects on behalf of donors.

February – July 2008
Client:  Goree Institute for Democracy, Development and Culture, Senegal
Programme Co-Ordinator for the Imagine Africa Programme at the Institute.  This contract included building capacity within the organisation through creative workshops, and raising awareness of the cultural aspects of development through small side projects. 

August 2001 – December 2008
Client: Royal Netherlands Embassy, South Africa
For seven years, Cultural Radius acted as a provincial agent in KwaZulu-Natal for the purposes of overseeing and advising on cultural funding granted to projects by the Embassy.  More than ZAR 4 million was disbursed to organizations and projects, through a series of contracts that were managed by Cultural Radius.

June 2000 - April 2002
Client:  KaosPiloterne University , Denmark
As the South African Project Manager, Cultural Radius initiated, devised, managed and mentored second year Danish students placed in exchange projects in South Africa.  The focus was on entrepreneurship development in business, education and the arts in various projects. 

May 2000 – March 2001
Client:  Royal Norwegian Embassy, South Africa
Cultural Radius was tasked with designing and setting up the MMIMO music education and development project after the success of the Shuttle 99 project (see below).  Through this project NORAD and then Ministry of Foreign Affairs funds are channeled through the South African National Arts Council to support music projects of all kinds in the Southern African region.

March 1998 – February 2000
Client: The Nordic Council of Ministers, Denmark
Cultural Radius was appointed the South African Co-Ordinator on this extensive  two-year cultural exchange project between the Nordic countries and South Africa, called Shuttle 99, with a budget of ZAR 15 million.  Cultural Radius worked closely with five sector co-ordinators from each of the Nordic countries and their foreign offices, devising collaborative projects, identifying partners, assisting with local networking and administration, providing overall project management in South Africa.   

Shuttle 99 won the International Arts and Culture Sponsor of the Year for 1999 award from the Arts and Culture Trust.