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The Evaluation of Projects

Over the past 8 years, Nicky has conducted 17 evaluations of cultural projects and/or cultural audits throughout Southern, Western and Eastern Africa, for various clients.  A full list of these contracts is given below.  With one exception, all of these assessments have been on behalf of foreign agencies who have been concerned primarily with the instrumentalisation of the arts and the use of cultural activities in the service of development.  

The span of activities reviewed has included heritage and museum projects; literacy in rural areas; performing arts; music development; children’s theatre; networking and the visual arts.  In some cases, Nicky has worked in tandem with a European consultant or team, but frequently has worked alone. 

Chronological listing of Evaluation Contracts

August 2009
Client:  The Swiss Development Agency (SDC) Pretoria.
Worked in a team with a German consultant to evaluate the SDC partnership with Pro Helvetia Cape Town, in their culture and development projects in Southern Africa during the past 5 years, and providing reference points for the evaluation of cultural dimensions of development.  Recommendations for a new model of partnership for the future were also provided and field visits were taken in Zimabwe and Mozambique.

June 2009
Client:  COWI A/S (northern European consulting agency operating in 175 countries)
Contributed to an evaluation of the culture and development programmes of the Danish Centre for Culture and Development (DCCD) in Mozambique, as part of an international review for the Danish Foreign Ministry.

.February – July 2009
Client:  Sida (Sweden)
Researched and wrote a mid-term review for Music Crossroads Southern Africa, a music development project operating for over ten years in five southern African countries, with the head office in Barcelona.  Field visits were undertaken in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique.

November – December 2007
Client: Norwegian Foreign Ministry, Norway
Conducted an evaluation of MMINO, a Music Education and Development Project linking Norway and South Africa, with a view to extending the scope into SADAC

September 2007
Client:  Hivos, Zimbabwe
Conducted an evaluation of the Friends of the Art Gallery, Bulawayo with special focus on their outreach projects and support to emerging artists.

November 2006 – February 2007
Client: Swedish Development Agency, Zambia, Rwanda and Kenya
Conducted an evaluation on a 6 year project developing structures and networks through ASSITEJ – International Association of theatre for children and young people.  The primary field visit was undertaken in Ruwanda.

September – December 2006
Client:  Hivos, Zimbabwe
Conducted a cultural survey of Malawi and Zambia in order to make recommendations for future cultural support.

May – August 2006
Client: Swedish Development Agency, South Africa
Conducted and implemented an evaluation of the Southern African Theatre Initiative, a non-profit organization working to support theatre activities in the SADAC region, with visits to Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Malawi.

April – July 2006
Client:  Swedish Development Agency
Conducted a review of the Samp/ALAS museum development project for the period 2003 – 2005, in conjunction with a Swedish consultant.   The primary field visit was undertaken in Nigeria.

June 2005
Client: Royal Norwegian Embassy, Zimbabwe
Conducted a project evaluation of a rural literacy programme in Zimbabwe, with respect to the challenges facing an NGO in the current political situation.

February 2005
Client:  Hivos Foundation, Zimbabwe
Conducted a cultural audit of major arts and cultural activities currently within Namibia, with proposals for various funding possibilities.

October 2004
Client:  Hivos Foundation, Zimbabwe
Conducted an evaluation of performing arts project in Zimbabwe with respect to the social development agenda of the organization as well as their organizational efficacy and impact.

May 2004
Client:  COWI Consultants, Denmark
The international evaluation of SIDA’s media and cultural policy, with respect to the alleviation of poverty.  This involved field research in South Africa, literature reviews and the co-authoring of a report, completed in September 2004.

October 2003 – February 2004
Client:  Nordic Council of Ministers, Denmark
A post-project evaluation of the Shuttle 99 project, focusing on possible models for exchange projects and the impact of Shuttle.  Shuttle 99 was a major two-year exchange project involving the exchange of over 1000 cultural operators between the Nordic countries and South Africa, for the purposes of training and making art works of various kinds.

February 2003
Client:  Norwegian Development Agency, Norway
An independent appraisal of a project proposal concerning the digitization of African music for a web-based archive in South Africa.  This project would ensure that musicians and composers would benefit more directly from the sale of their work.

July – October 2002
Client:  The Field Band Foundation, South Africa
A Skills Assessment of their eight Regional Directors with a series of recommendations for capacity-building

September 2001 – May 2002
Client:  Sida (Swedish Development Agency), Sweden
International evaluation of a Swedish/African Museum Project, with over 16 Swedish museums and 10 African museums.  With a Swedish consultant, Cultural Radius visited and interviewed stakeholders in Sweden, Benin, Kenya and Zimbabwe, and co-authored a report in November 2001.